About the Book of Esther

The book of Esther was written after the king of Babylon had taken the Jews away from their own country. He sent them to Babylon. That happened in the year 600 BC. The book tells us what happened in the time of King Xerxes I, the king of Persia, a country near Babylon. He ruled from 485-465 BC.
We do not know who wrote the book. But the writer may have been alive when these things happened. There are parts of the book that tell us about life at the palace.
The Book of Esther shows us how God was working at that time. It shows us that:

  • God listens to our prayers.
  • He saved the Jews from death.
  • He is more powerful than any person is.
  • He loves his own people and he keeps them safe.
  • He has a purpose for his people. The verse that shows us this is Esther 4:14.