Ephesians 6:5-9

Slaves and masters

5 You who are slaves, obey your human masters. Respect them and be afraid of them. Work well to help them, as if you were working for Christ as your master. 6 Do not do good work only when they can see you. Some people only work to make other people like them. Instead, work well all the time, as slaves who serve Christ. Work in the way that God wants you to work. 7 Be happy to obey your human masters. Remember that you are serving the Lord himself, not just other people. 8 You know that anyone who does some good thing will receive a good gift from the Lord. This will happen whether that person is a slave or a free person.

9 You who are masters, be good to your slaves in the same way. Do not frighten them with punishment. Remember that both you and your slaves have the same Master in heaven. And he is always fair when he judges people, whoever they are.