Deuteronomy 28:20-24


20 If you do evil things and you turn away from the Lord, he will curse you. He will confuse your thoughts in everything that you do. He will turn against you so that you quickly come to an end. 21 The Lord will make you very ill so that you do not get better again. He will completely remove you from the land that you are now going into. 22 The Lord will give you many kinds of illness. Your bodies will become weak and very hot. They will grow big and have a lot of pain. He will send great heat and there will be no rain. Your crops will all become spoiled. You will have all this pain until you die. 23 There will be no clouds in the sky above to give any rain. The ground under your feet will be as hard as iron. 24 There will be clouds of dust instead of rain. Dirt will come down from the sky until it has destroyed you.