Deuteronomy 16:13-17

The Festival of Huts

16:13See Leviticus 23:34.

13 When you have prepared the grain and the grapes from your fields, eat the Feast of Huts for seven days. 14 Enjoy your feast with your children, your servants and the Levites. Join with the foreign people who live among you, and also with the widows and the children who have no family. 15 Eat this feast to worship the Lord your God at the special place that he chooses. Do it for seven days. He will bless you in everything that you do, so that you grow plenty of food. So you should all enjoy this feast!

16 Three times in every year, all your men must go to the place that the Lord your God will choose. They must go there for the Passover festival, the festival of Weeks and the festival of Huts. Each man must bring with him gifts to offer to the Lord. 17 Give to the Lord as much as you are able to. Your gifts may be large or small, as much as the Lord has blessed you.