Deuteronomy 10:12-22

Love the Lord and serve him

12 So, people of Israel, this is what the Lord your God wants you to do: You should respect him with fear. You should live in a way that pleases him. Love him and serve him in everything that you think and in everything that you do. 13 Obey the Lord's commands and rules that I am giving to you today. If you do these things, you will have a happy life.

14 The whole sky and the highest heavens belong to the Lord your God. The earth and everything that is in it also belong to him. 15 But the Lord chose to love your ancestors with a faithful love. You are their descendants. He has chosen you from among all the people of the world. You can see that this is true today!

16 So remember that you belong to the Lord. Live to please him! Do not refuse to obey him. 17 For the Lord your God rules all other gods. He is the Lord over all other lords. He is great and powerful. We should respect him and obey him. He is fair to everyone. He will not accept any bribes! 18 He brings justice to widows and to children who have no family. He loves the foreign people who live among you. He gives them food to eat and clothes to wear. 19 You too must love the foreign people who live among you. Remember that you also lived as foreigners in Egypt at one time.

20 Respect and obey the Lord your God. Serve him faithfully. If you make a promise, only use his name to do that. 21 He is the one that you should praise. He is the God that you worship. He has done great and powerful things to help you, and you saw him do them. 22 When your ancestors went to Egypt, they were only 70 people. Now the Lord your God has caused you to become very many people. You are as many as the stars in the sky!

10:22When there was a famine, God told Jacob and his family to go to Egypt to live. God promised to bring them out again. See Genesis 46:2-4.