About the Book of Deuteronomy

The writer of this book is a man called Moses. God chose him to lead the Israelites out of the country called Egypt. We can read about how God chose Moses in the book of Exodus chapters 2, 3 and 4. Moses knew God and he loved God's Law. God talked to him like a friend. In Deuteronomy, Moses explains God's Law many times to the Israelites. He also tells them how much God loves them. Moses wants the Israelites to obey God. If they obey him, they will be happy. But if they do not obey God, many bad things will happen to them.
The Israelites have now arrived at the Jordan river. On the other side of the river is the country called Canaan. God has promised to give this country to the Israelites. But these men and women are the children of those who left Egypt. They were born during the journey of 40 years from Egypt to Canaan. So Moses teaches them what God is like. He tells them again about the love of God. Deuteronomy is a book about remembering.
The plan of the books is:
Chapters 1-4 Remembering the journey
Chapters 5-26 Moses repeats the Law of God, to love and obey him
Chapters 27-30 Rules for life in Canaan
Chapters 31-34 Moses says ‘goodbye’