Daniel 9:20-24

God sends the angel called Gabriel to Daniel

20 I continued to pray. I was saying that all the people of Israel had done wrong things. I was praying to the Lord my God about his holy place.

21 And while I was praying, Gabriel came to me. He was the same man that I had seen in the first vision. He flew quickly to me. It was about the time of the evening sacrifice. 22 He came and he spoke to me. ‘Daniel, I have come so that you can understand,’ he said. 23 ‘As soon as you started to pray, God sent the answer. I have come to tell you the answer because God really loves you. Now listen to me. I will explain what you have seen.’

24 Gabriel said, ‘God has chosen 490 years (that is, 7 times 70). That is the time that your people and the holy city will receive trouble. Then God will stop people doing bad things. He will pay for the wrong things that people have done. He will make everything completely good for ever. All that the prophets wrote about will happen. And he will anoint the Most Holy Place.’