Daniel 8:8-14

The little horn

8 The male goat became very great. But when he was greatest, his big horn broke. Instead, 4 other large horns grew up in its place. Each one pointed in a different direction. 9 Out of one of these horns another little horn grew. It became powerful towards the south, and towards the east and towards the Beautiful Country. 10 It became so great that it attacked the stars in the sky. They are the army of heaven. It threw some of the stars to the ground and it walked over them. 11 It thought that it was as great as God, the leader of heaven's army. It took away the gifts that the people offered to God each day. And it destroyed the honour of God's house. 12 Because of the bad things that the people had done, the horn received power over God's people. So God's people did not give gifts to God each day. They gave them to the horn. The horn did not let people worship God any longer. It was able to do all that it wanted to do.

13 Then I heard two angels talking. One angel asked, ‘How long will the things in the vision go on? How long will the horn stop people giving the gifts to God each day? How long will God let the horn rule his house? How long will he let the horn walk on his people. How long before they can worship God again?’ 14 The other angel answered, ‘It will go on for 2,300 evenings and mornings. Then they will make God's house holy again.’