Daniel 7:9-14

God's court

9 Daniel continued to write.

‘While I looked, servants put ready some seats for rulers.

Then God, who is always God, sat down on his king's seat.

His clothes were as white as snow.

His hair was white like clean wool.

His seat had wheels and it burned like a fire.

10 A river of fire came out in front of him.

He had thousands of thousands of servants.

Many more people than that stood in front of him.

The meeting of the court began and someone opened the books.

11 The horn was saying how important he was. So I was watching. While I watched, someone killed the fourth animal. They destroyed its body and they burned it with fire. 12 The other animals lost their power too, but they continued to live for a certain time.’

13 ‘In my vision at night,’ Daniel wrote, ‘I continued to watch.

Then I saw someone who seemed like a son of man. He came with the clouds of heaven.

He came near to God, who is always God.

God's servants brought him near to God.

14 Then God gave authority, honour and a king's power to him.

So the people in every country who spoke every language worshipped him.

His kingdom will continue always.

And nobody will ever cause it to become nothing.

Nobody can destroy it.