Daniel 7:15-28

Daniel learns the meaning of his vision

15 I, Daniel, had much trouble in my mind. The things that I saw in my vision frightened me. 16 So I spoke to someone who was standing near God's throne. I asked him to explain what all these things meant. He told me the meaning of my vision. 17 He said, “The four large animals are four kings. They will rule kingdoms on the earth. 18 But the holy people of the Most High God will receive authority to rule as kings. God's kingdom will belong to them for ever.”

19 Then I wanted to know about the fourth animal. It was different from all the other animals. It was a terrible animal that made me very afraid. It had large iron teeth and feet with sharp bronze claws. It ate things and it broke them into pieces. It used its feet to stamp on everything else. 20 I wanted to know the meaning of the ten horns on its head. I also wanted to know about the little horn that came up among them. It pushed out three of the other horns. This horn had eyes, and a mouth that spoke proud words. The little horn seemed to be greater than the other horns. 21 While I was watching, the little horn attacked God's holy people. It was winning the fight against them. 22 But then the God who has ruled for ever arrived. As judge, he said that the holy people of the Most High God were good and right. Then the time came for God's holy people to receive the kingdom, so that it belonged to them.

7:19Claws are the sharp points that many birds have on the toes of their feet.
7:20In the Bible, a horn often shows strength and power.

23 The person that I had asked told me this: “The fourth animal shows that there will be a fourth kingdom on the earth. It will be different from all the other kingdoms. It will use its power to destroy the whole earth. It will stamp on everything and break them into pieces.

24 The ten horns show that ten kings will rule that kingdom. After them, another king will come to rule. He will be different from the other kings. He will get power over three kings. 25 He will insult the Most High God. He will be cruel to God's holy people. He will try to change the days for God's festivals and the laws about them. God's people will be under his power for three and a half times. 26 Then God's court will be ready to judge him. He will lose his authority to rule as king. That will be the end of his kingdom for ever!

7:25‘Three and a half times’ may mean 3½ years.

27 Then the holy people who belong to the Most High God will receive authority to rule as kings. They will have authority over all the kingdoms of the earth and all their great power. The kingdom of the Most High God will continue for ever. All rulers will serve him and obey him.” 

28 That is a report of everything that I saw in my vision. It caused me, Daniel, to have much trouble in my mind and my face became white. But I did not tell anyone about these things.’