Daniel 6:24-28

King Darius punishes the jealous men

24 Then the king gave a command to his servants. They brought the jealous men who had said bad things against Daniel. They threw them into the lions' cave, together with their wives and their children. Before they reached the floor of the cave, the lions attacked them. They broke all their bones into pieces.

25 After that, King Darius wrote to all the people of every nation, who spoke all languages. He wrote:

‘I hope that you all have good and happy lives.

26 I have made a law for every part of my kingdom. All people must respect the God that Daniel serves. They must respect him with fear.

He is the God who always lives.

He will continue for ever.

Nobody will ever destroy his kingdom.

He will rule for ever.

27 He rescues his people and he keeps them safe.

He does powerful miracles in the heavens and on the earth.

He has saved Daniel from the lions' power!’

28 So Daniel continued to have authority while Darius was king, and also when Cyrus from Persia became king.

6:28Persia was the country that we call Iran today.