Daniel 1:17-21

God makes Daniel and his friends wise

17 God helped these four young men to become clever and wise. While they studied, he helped them to learn from many different books. They could understand many things. Daniel could also understand the meaning of all kinds of dreams.

18 King Nebuchadnezzar had said that the young men must study for three years. After that time finished, the king's officer took them to the king. 19 The king spoke with all the young men. He discovered that there was nobody else like Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah. So they became the king's servants. 20 Whenever the king needed help to understand something important, these men showed how wise they were. They knew ten times more than any of the king's other wise men. Those men used magic or they studied the stars to know what would happen in the future. They came from all the different countries that Nebuchadnezzar ruled.

1:19Nebuchadnezzar was clever. He was able to ask the young men questions to see how wise they were.

21 And Daniel lived in Babylon until the year when Cyrus became king.