Daniel 11:21-39

The life of the very bad man

21 The person who comes after him will be a very bad man. He will not become a king but he will come to take power. The people will think that they are safe. That is when he will come. He will tell lies and he will do wrong things to become king. 22 He will fight a great army and he will destroy it. He will even kill the ruler of the promise. 23 He will try to agree with people from other countries. But he will tell them things that are not true. Only a few people will help him but he will become powerful. 24 He will attack the richest places. They will think that they are safe. That is when he will attack them. He will do things that his father and grandfathers did not do. He will take valuable things in war and he will give some to his servants. And he will try to discover how he might attack strong cities. But this will only happen for a short time.

25 He will feel strong and brave against the king in the south because he has a large army. And the king in the south will fight back with a large and powerful army. But the king in the south will not win, because people will make a way to stop him. 26 Even those who eat the king's food will try to kill him. They will push his army away and many soldiers will die. 27 These two kings will want to do many bad things. They will sit together at the same table. But they will tell each other things that are not true. God has decided the time of the end already. So he will not let them do those bad things.

28 The king from the north will return to his own country. He will be very rich. He will hate those who worship the true God. He will do whatever he wants to do against them. Then he will continue his journey back to his own country.

29 At the time that God has decided, the king will go to the south again. This time the result will be different. 30 People from the west will come in ships and they will stand against him. He will be afraid and he will turn back. He will be angry with people who worship the true God. He will give benefits to those people who have not kept their promises to God. 31 He will send some of his soldiers into God's strong and holy place to make it dirty. Then it will not be holy any longer. Nor will they let people sacrifice gifts to God. They will put something that God hates in there. 32 The king will say that some people are good. Those are the people who do not obey God. But those who know their God will be strong. And they will work. 33 The wise leaders will teach the people, but the people will attack them for some time. People will kill some with sharp knives or they will burn them. They will rob them and they will put some of them in a prison. 34 When God's people are dying, they will receive a little help. Many people who do not really know God will join them. 35 Some of the wise people will fall. Then God can make them clean and pure again. They will become the people that God wants them to be at the time when all things finish. God has decided when that time will come.

36 And this king will do whatever he wants to do. He will say that he is greater than any god. He will even say very bad things against the God who rules all other gods. This will happen until God is not angry with his people any longer. God must do what he has decided to do. 37 This king will not have any interest in the gods that his father and grandfathers worshipped. He will not have any interest in the god that women love. He will think that he is greater than any of the gods. 38 Instead, he will give honour to the god that saves strong cities. His father and grandfathers did not give honour to that god. But he will give gold, silver, pretty stones and gifts to that god. 39 He will give honour to this foreign god who will help him to fight strong cities. Then he will give gifts to those people who give honour to his god. He will let them rule many people. And he will sell parts of the land to them.’