Daniel 10:15-19

The angel makes Daniel stronger

15 While he was saying these words to me, I looked down at the ground. I could not speak. 16 Then someone who seemed like a man touched my lips. I opened my mouth and I was able to speak again. So I said to the person who stood in front of me, ‘Sir, the vision has given great pain to me and now I am weak. 17 I am your servant, and you are my master. I am not able to speak with you. I am almost too weak to breathe.’

18 He who seemed like a man touched me again. He made me strong. 19 ‘Do not be afraid, man,’ he said to me, ‘because God loves you very much. I want your mind to rest. I want you to be strong, very strong.’ When he said this, I felt stronger. So I spoke again. ‘My lord, speak to me, because you have made me strong again,’ I said.