About Paul's letter to the Colossians

Colossae was a city in the Roman region called Asia. Asia was the south and west part of the country that we now call Turkey. When Paul wrote this letter, the Roman people were very powerful. They ruled many countries. Rome is the capital of the country that we now call Italy.
We think that Paul himself never visited Colossae. Instead, a man called Epaphras went there to tell the good news about Jesus Christ to the people. Epaphras had heard about the good news from Paul.
After that, when Paul was in a prison, Epaphras visited him. Epaphras told Paul the news about the Christians who lived at Colossae. Then Paul wrote this letter to them while he was still in the prison.
Epaphras had told Paul that false teachers were teaching wrong things to the Christians at Colossae. The false teachers were saying that Christians must obey the same rules that God told the Jews to obey. Also, they were teaching other wrong ideas.
So Paul tells the Christians that they should not believe those false teachers. Only Jesus Christ can save us from all the wrong things that we do. Jesus made the world. And he wants to save the people who live in it. We need to believe in him. Then, in our spirits, we die with Christ and we become alive again with him. We become new people, with a new nature.