About the Book of Amos

Amos lived in the town called Tekoa. It was near Jerusalem, on the south side. He had sheep. And he watched them to keep them safe. And he gave to them what they needed. He also sold them.
The country where the Israelites lived had 2 parts, a north part and a south part. The south part was called Judah and the big city there was Jerusalem. The king there was called Uzziah. The north part was called Israel and the big city there was Samaria. The king there was called Jeroboam. He was Israel's second king that was called Jeroboam. There had been another King Jeroboam there earlier.
God's temple was in Jerusalem, which was in the south part. The Israelites met there to pray to God. And they gave gifts to God there. But the kings of the north part did not like it when their people went to the south. They were afraid that the people would stay there. So a long time ago, the first king called Jeroboam had made a holy place in the north. It was in Bethel town. He made a young cow from gold and he put it in that place. People came there and they said ‘thank you’ to that young cow. And they brought presents to it. But God was not happy about that. He had told the people not to do those things. But they were not listening to him. So, God chose Amos to speak a message to those people. Amos spoke to the Israelites that lived in the north.
In this book, we read God's message that Amos spoke. Amos also explains the dreams that God showed to him. Two years after Amos spoke the message, there was an earthquake.

Amos 1:1 – 2:5

First, Amos spoke about the people that lived near Israel. They lived in the countries round Israel. He told those people, ‘You have done wrong things. God will send trouble to you.’ When the Israelites in the north heard that, they agreed. They said, ‘Yes, God should send trouble to them.’

Amos 2:6 – 6:14

But then Amos spoke to those Israelites that lived in the north. He told them, ‘You also have done wrong things. The rich people have not been fair to poor people. They have taken money and land away from the poor people. Rich people have sold poor people to other rich people. So then those poor people have to work for those other people.’
God is good and kind. But sometimes his people do not listen to him any longer and they do not obey him. Then he will send trouble to them. That will help them stop the wrong things that they are doing. God loves his people. He gives to them what they need. He does what is best for them. Sometimes he must shout loudly at them. It is like when a wild animal makes a loud noise. God must shout, ‘No, no, no! Do not do wrong things. I am not happy when you do wrong things.’ When God sends trouble to people, he wants them to listen to him again. He wants them to obey him again. He wants them to choose good things instead of wrong things.

Amos 7:1 – 9:10

Amos told the people, ‘God will send trouble.’ He told them about the dreams that God showed to him.

Amos 9:11-15

God made a promise to the people that lived in Israel. He said, ‘After the bad things have come, I will save Israel's people. I will again send good things to those that have not died.’