Acts 9:26-31

Saul returns to Jerusalem

26 Saul returned to Jerusalem. He wanted to join the group of believers there. But they were all afraid of him. They did not believe that he had really become a disciple of Jesus. 27 But one of the believers who was called Barnabas helped Saul. He took Saul to meet the apostles. Barnabas then explained to the apostles what had happened to Saul. Barnabas said to them, ‘Saul saw the Lord when he was on his way to Damascus. The Lord spoke to him there. Then, while Saul was in Damascus, he bravely told people the message about Jesus.’

28 After that, Saul stayed with the apostles. He went everywhere in Jerusalem and he bravely taught people the message about the Lord Jesus. 29 Saul also talked with the Jews who spoke the Greek language. He argued with them about Jesus. As a result, they wanted to kill him.

9:29Saul could speak the Greek language. Most people in that part of the world spoke Greek.

30 The other believers heard about this. So they took Saul away to Caesarea. From there, they sent him to Tarsus.

31 By this time there were believers everywhere in Judea, Galilee and Samaria. For some time they had no troubles. The Holy Spirit helped them to become strong. So more people became believers, and they obeyed God in everything that they did.