Acts 4:23-31

The group of believers pray to God

23 After the Jewish leaders let them go free, Peter and John went back to the group of believers. They told them what the leaders of the priests and the important Jews had said. 24 The believers listened to what Peter and John told them. Then they all prayed together. They said to God, ‘You are the Lord who rules over everything. You made the sky, the earth and the sea. You also made everything that is in them. 25 Our ancestor, King David, was your servant. You sent your Holy Spirit to him so that he spoke your message. You said through him,

4:25See Psalm 2:1-3.

“People from other countries were very angry.

People decided to do things that would never happen.

Why did they do that?

26 The kings of the world prepared to fight.

The rulers of many countries met together.

They wanted to fight against the Lord God.

They wanted to fight against his Messiah.”

27 Lord God, it has now happened like that. Herod and Pontius Pilate have met together here in Jerusalem with other people who are not Jews. They also met with the people of Israel who were here. Together they spoke against your special servant, Jesus. He is the one that you chose to be your Messiah. 28 But you are powerful. These men did only what you said would happen. You had already decided on these events. 29 Lord God, you know that the Jewish leaders want to punish Peter and John. We are your servants. Please help us not to be afraid. Help us to speak your message to people clearly. 30 Show people that you are strong. Cause sick people to become well. Do other powerful things that show you are really God. It is the authority of your special servant Jesus that will make these things happen.’

31 The believers finished praying. The house where they were meeting together moved about. God filled them all with his Holy Spirit. That made them very brave and they spoke God's message clearly to people.