Acts 2:42-47

How the believers lived

42 These new believers listened carefully to what the apostles taught them. They joined with everyone else in the group. They prayed together and they ate meals together.

2:42When believers ate together they also remembered Jesus' death for them.

43 The apostles did many miracles which showed that the power of God was with them. As a result, all the people were very surprised and afraid. 44 All the believers continued to meet together often. They shared all their things with each other. 45 They sold some of their own things. Then they gave that money to any believers who needed it. 46 The whole group of believers met together every day in the yard of the temple. They shared their food and they ate meals together in each other's homes. They were very happy and they were honest with each other. 47 All the time, they praised God. All the other people thought that the believers were good people. Every day, the Lord saved more people so that the group of believers grew bigger.