Acts 2:14-41

Peter speaks to the crowd

14 Peter was there with the other 11 apostles and he stood up with them. He began to speak to the crowd with a loud voice. He said, ‘You people who are Jews like us, listen carefully to me. All of you who live here in Jerusalem, you also listen to me. I will explain to you everything that is happening. 15 Some of you think that my friends here are drunk. But they are not drunk, because it is only nine o'clock in the morning. 16 No, something different is happening here. Long ago, the prophet Joel spoke God's message about all this. This is what he said:

2:15On the Day of Pentecost, the Jews prayed at nine o'clock. Then they ate their first meal of the day at 10 o'clock. So at nine o'clock they would not yet have had any food or drink that day. So they could not be drunk.
2:16See Joel 2:28-32.

17 God says “This is what I will do in the last days.

I will give my Spirit to all people.

Your sons and daughters will speak my message to people.

Your young men will see visions in their minds.

And your old men will see things in their dreams.

18 At that time, I will give my Spirit to all my servants,

both men and women.

Then they will speak my message to people.

19 I will cause special things to appear in the sky.

I will cause special things to appear on the earth too.

Those things will show how great I am.

There will be blood, fire and thick dark smoke.

20 The sun will become dark to people.

The moon will become dark red like the colour of blood.

These things will happen before the great day of the Lord arrives.

That will be a wonderful day!

21 The Lord will save everyone who asks him to help them.” ’

22 Peter then said, ‘People of Israel, listen to what I am saying! Jesus, the man from Nazareth, came with God's authority to do his work. God did many powerful and special things through him. These miracles showed you clearly that God had sent him. You know about all this. These things happened here, and you saw them. 23 God knew that Jesus' enemies would give him to you. God had decided that this should happen. You let people who do not obey God's Law fix him to the cross. In that way you killed him. 24 But after his death, God caused him to become alive again. God saved Jesus from the power of death. It was impossible for death to keep hold of him. 25 A long time ago, King David spoke about the Messiah in this way:

“I saw the Lord near me all the time.

He is next to me, on my right side,

so nothing will cause me trouble.

26 Because of this, I am very happy,

and I will praise you, God.

I am human and one day I will die,

but I know that you will help me while I live.

27 When I die, you will not leave me in Hades, the place for dead people.

You will not let anything destroy the body of your Holy One.

28 You have shown me the paths that lead to life with you.

I will be completely happy because you will be with me for ever.” ’

2:28See Psalm 16:8-11.

29 Peter then said, ‘Friends, people of Israel, I must speak clearly to you about our ancestor, King David. He died and people buried his body in the ground. You can still see the place where people buried him. 30 He was a prophet. He knew what God had promised to do for him. He knew that one of his descendants would be king of God's people one day. 31 David understood what God would do in a future time. He did not speak about himself, but he spoke about the Messiah. He said that God would cause this man to become alive again after his death. God would not let him remain in Hades, the place for dead people. Nothing would destroy his body. 32 This man that David talked about is Jesus. After his death, God caused him to become alive again. We ourselves saw this happen. All of us saw it. 33 God took Jesus back up to heaven. He caused Jesus to sit at his right side, the place of great honour. Jesus received the Holy Spirit from his Father God, so that he could give the Spirit to us. This is what God had promised to do. God has poured his Holy Spirit on us. Now you are seeing and hearing the result of this. 34 King David himself did not go up into heaven like Jesus did. But David said:

“The Lord God said to my Lord:

Sit at my right side until I beat your enemies completely.

35 Then you will be able to put your feet on them.”

2:35See Psalm 110:1.

36 So all you people of Israel must be sure to know this: It is this same Jesus that God has chosen to be the Messiah. God has made him to be our Lord. But you fixed him to a cross and you killed him.’

37 The people heard what Peter said to them. They were very upset. So they said to Peter and the other apostles, ‘Friends, tell us what we should do.’

38 Peter said to them, ‘Each of you must stop doing wrong things. You must change how you live. If you believe in Jesus Christ, then we will baptize you. God will forgive you for the wrong things that you have done. Then you will receive the Holy Spirit, who is God's gift to you. 39 God has promised to do all this for you and your children. He has also promised this to people who live far away in other places. The Lord our God will do it for all the people that he has called to come to him.’

40 Peter also told them many other things. He continued to speak strongly to them. He told them to be careful and he said, ‘People who are alive today do not do what is right. Save yourselves from the punishment that God will send on them.’

41 Many of the people who listened to Peter believed his message. So the apostles baptized those people. About three thousand people who now believed in Jesus joined the group that same day.