Acts 24:24-27

Felix and Drusilla listen to Paul

24 After some days, Felix came with Drusilla, his Jewish wife. He told his soldiers to bring Paul to them. Paul talked to them, and they listened to everything that he said. Paul spoke about how people believed in Jesus, the Messiah. 25 Paul continued to speak for some time. He said, ‘People need to do what is right. They need to stop themselves doing wrong things. One day, God will judge people for how they have lived.’

While Paul talked about these things, Felix became afraid. He said to Paul, ‘You can leave us now. At some time I may want to listen to you again. Then I will ask you to come to me again.’ 26 But Felix also hoped that Paul would give him some money. For that reason he often met with Paul and they talked together.

24:26Some rulers wanted people in prison to give them money. Then the rulers would let them go. If the rulers did this, they would not be obeying the law.

27 This happened for two years. Felix left Paul in the prison, because he wanted to make the Jewish leaders happy. Then Porcius Festus became the ruler instead of Felix.