Acts 21:1-16

Paul goes to Jerusalem

1 We said ‘goodbye’ to the leaders of the believers from Ephesus. Then we sailed on a ship straight across the sea, and we arrived at Cos. The next day, we continued on our journey to Rhodes. From there we went on to the town called Patara.

21:1Cos and Rhodes are islands. Patara is a town on the coast.

2 At Patara, we found a ship that was going to Phoenicia. So we got on to the ship and we sailed across the sea.

3 After travelling for some time, we could see the island called Cyprus. We sailed south of Cyprus, and we continued on to Syria. We arrived on the coast at the city called Tyre and we got off the ship. The ship would remain in Tyre for some days, because people had to remove the things off the ship. 4 We went round the city and we found some believers. So, we stayed with them for a week. The Holy Spirit showed these believers that trouble would come to Paul in Jerusalem. So they said to him, ‘Paul, you should not to go to Jerusalem.’

5 After a week with the believers in Tyre, it was time for us to leave them. All the believers, together with their wives and their children, went with us out of the city. At the beach, we all went down on our knees and we prayed together. 6 Then we said ‘goodbye’ to each other and the believers returned to their homes in the city. We went and we got on the ship again, together with Paul.

7 We continued our journey across the sea. We sailed from Tyre to Ptolemais. There, we met some believers and we stayed with them for one day. 8 The next day, we left Ptolemais and we sailed to Caesarea. We stayed there with Philip. He was someone who taught people the good news about Jesus. He was one of the seven men that the believers had chosen in Jerusalem. 9 He had four daughters who were not married, and they spoke messages from God.

21:8We can read about this in Acts 6:1-6.

10 We stayed with Philip in Caesarea for a few days. Then a man called Agabus arrived in the city from Judea. He was a prophet and he spoke messages from God. 11 Agabus came to where we were. He took Paul's belt and he tied it round his own feet and hands. He said, ‘Listen to this message from the Holy Spirit. “The Jewish leaders in Jerusalem will take hold of the man who has this belt. They will tie his hands and his feet. Then they will give him to the Gentiles to be their prisoner.” ’

12 When we heard Agabus' message, we all said many times to Paul, ‘Please do not go to Jerusalem.’ 13 But Paul answered, ‘Stop crying like this! You are making me very sad! I am ready for men in Jerusalem to take hold of me. They may tie me up, and I may even die there. I am ready for all this because I believe in the Lord Jesus.’

14 We could not cause Paul to think in a different way. So we stopped saying to him, ‘You should not go to Jerusalem.’ Instead we said to him, ‘We want the Lord God to do what he wants.’

15 We stayed in Caesarea for some days. Then we prepared ourselves to travel across land. We left there to go to Jerusalem. 16 Some of the believers from Caesarea also went with us. They took us to the house of a man called Mnason. We had decided to stay with him. His home town was on the island called Cyprus. He had been a believer from the beginning.