Acts 17:1-9

What happened in Thessalonica

1 Paul and his friends continued their journey. They went through the two towns called Amphipolis and Apollonia. Then they arrived in a city called Thessalonica. There was a Jewish meeting place there. 2 Paul went to the meeting place, as he usually did on a Jewish rest day. On three rest days, he spoke God's message to the people in their meeting place. He read from the Bible and explained what it meant. 3 He told the people what was true about God's Messiah. He showed them clearly that the Messiah had to die with much pain. He also showed them that God would cause his Messiah to become alive again. God's prophets had already said that long ago. Paul said to them, ‘I have been telling you about Jesus. He is the Messiah that God has sent to us.’ 4 Some of the Jews believed Paul's message. They joined the group with Paul and Silas. A large number of Greeks who now worshipped God also joined this group. These Greeks were not Jews. But they already knew that God was powerful and important. Many important women in the city also believed and they joined the group.

17:1Amphipolis and Apollonia were in the country called Greece.
17:4Most of the people that lived in Thessalonica were Greek. They were not born as Jews. They were Gentiles. But some of them had heard about the God of the Jews and they believed in him.

5 Some other Jews in the city were jealous of Paul and Silas, because people believed their message. So they went to the city's market place and they found some bad people there. These men often caused trouble in the city. Now the Jews brought these bad men to come together with them in an angry crowd. This crowd made a lot of noise and trouble in the streets of the city. They went to Jason's house and they broke down his door. They wanted to find Paul and Silas. They wanted to bring them out of the house to the crowd. 6 But they did not find Paul and Silas there. So they took hold of Jason and some other believers. They pulled them to go and stand in front of the important officers of the city. They shouted loudly, ‘These men have caused much trouble everywhere. Now they have come to our city. 7 Jason has let them stay in his house. They speak against the laws that Caesar has given to us. They say that there is another king. This other king is called Jesus.’

8 The whole crowd of people and the important officers heard this about Paul and Silas. They became very angry and upset. 9 The officers decided that Jason and the other believers must pay some money. Then they let them go free.