Acts 14:1-7

This is what happened in Iconium

1 When Paul and Barnabas arrived in Iconium, they did the same as they had done before. They went to the Jewish meeting place and they spoke God's message there. They spoke very clearly, so that many Jews and Gentiles believed in Jesus. 2 But some of the Jews refused to believe God's message. So, they told the Gentiles that they too should not believe it. They put bad thoughts into the minds of the Gentiles so that they became angry against the believers. 3 So Paul and Barnabas stayed in Iconium for a long time. They spoke the message about the Lord Jesus very strongly. The Lord gave them power to do miracles. These showed the people that God was with Paul and Barnabas and that their message was true. They taught that God saves people because he is very kind. 4 The people in the city did not agree with each other. Some of them believed the message from the apostles, Paul and Barnabas. But some people agreed with the Jews who did not believe their message. 5 Some of the Jews and the Gentiles met with their leaders. They decided to do bad things to Paul and Barnabas. They wanted to throw stones at them and kill them. 6 Paul and Barnabas heard that these people wanted to hurt them. So they left Iconium quickly and they went to Lystra and Derbe, and other places near there. These cities were in the region called Lycaonia. 7 In all these places, they continued to tell people the good news about Jesus.