About the Book of Acts

Luke wrote this book in the year AD 63. He was probably not Jewish but he became a disciple of Jesus. He was a doctor. Luke was one of Paul's friends. Sometimes he went with Paul when Paul travelled from country to country. He went to Rome with Paul and he stayed there with him.
Luke wrote this book to send to Theophilus. Theophilus was an important Roman man. This is the second book that Luke wrote for him. (The first book is called ‘The Gospel of Luke’.) In Acts, Luke tells us how God first gave his Holy Spirit to people who believed in Jesus. He tells how the apostles continued to serve Jesus in Jerusalem and in many other places. He tells us how more and more people believed in Jesus. He also describes how some Christians argued with each other about Christian teaching. Some of these were Jewish believers and some were Gentile believers.
Luke also tells us that the leaders of the Jews did not believe in Jesus. They wanted the apostles to stop teaching people about Jesus. So they caused much trouble for the believers.
The book is in six parts:

  • 1 The apostles took God's message about Jesus to places near Jerusalem (Acts 1:1-8:3).
  • 2 The apostles took God's message about Jesus to other places in Israel (Acts 8:4-12:25).
  • 3 Paul's first big journey, to teach people in other countries about Jesus (Acts 13:1-15:35).
  • 4 Paul's second big journey (Acts 15:36-18:22).
  • 5 Paul's third big journey (Acts 18:23-21:16).
  • 6 Paul's last big journey, when he went to Rome (Acts 21:17-28:31).