2 Samuel 23:1-7

David's last words

1 These are David's last words. The God that Jacob worshipped made Jesse's son David great. God chose him to rule Israel as king. He also wrote beautiful songs for the Israelites. This is David's message:

2 ‘The Spirit of the Lord gives me his message.

I speak what he tells me to say.

3 Israel's God has spoken.

The one who keeps Israel safe said to me,

“A king should rule over people in a way that is right and fair.

He should show that he respects and obeys God.

4 A king who rules like that is like the light of the sun at dawn.

He is like the sky when it has no clouds in it in the morning.

He is like bright sun after rain,

that helps the grass to grow strongly.”

5 That is how God will bless my descendants.

He has made a promise to me that will continue for ever.

It is a strong promise that will never change.

I know that he will always help me.

He will do for me everything that I hope for.

6 But God will remove all wicked people.

He will throw them away like weeds.

They are like thorn bushes

that you cannot pull out with your hands.

7 You need an iron tool or a spear to remove them.

Then you burn them completely in a fire.’