2 Samuel 22

David sings praises to God

1 David wrote this song when the Lord had saved him from Saul and from all his enemies.

2 This is what he sang.

‘The Lord is my rock and my strong shelter, and he saved me.

3 My God is the rock that I can hide in.

He is my shield that saves me.

He is my strong shelter and my safe place, and he saves me.

You have saved me from men who would have hurt me.

4 I shout to the Lord because I must praise him.

He has saved me from my enemies.

5 Death was like water that was all round me.

Strong waters covered me over.

6 I felt that they were burying me.

7 I was afraid so I cried to the Lord.

I shouted to my God.

From his holy place he heard my voice.

My loud noise reached his ears.

8 The ground moved and it shook.

And the sky shook itself.

They shook because he was angry.

9 Smoke came out of his nose.

Burning fire came out of his mouth.

Materials started to burn as a result.

10 He broke through the sky and he came down.

He stood on dark clouds.

11 He flew on the backs of angels.

He went like the wind.

12 He made the air dark all round him

with the rain clouds of the sky.

13 From his bright body

swords of light shone out.

14 The Lord spoke with a loud noise.

His great voice was everywhere.

15 He shot arrows that caused enemies to run away.

His swords of light beat them completely.

16 The waters of the sea ran from their deep places.

Men could see the deepest places of the earth.

He caused this by the smoke from his mouth

because he was angry.

17 His hand came out from the sky to hold me.

He pulled me from the deep waters.

18 He saved me from my powerful enemy.

He saved me from those who were too strong for me.

19 When troubles were all round me,

he held me up.

20 He brought me into a safe place.

He saved me because he loved me very much.

21 I do what is right. The Lord helps me because of that.

He blesses me because I do not sin.

22 That is because I have obeyed his laws.

It is because I have not turned away from him.

23 I have obeyed all his laws.

I have not turned away from them.

24 I have done only what is right. He knows that.

I have not sinned.

25 I do what is right. So the Lord has blessed me.

I want only what is good. And he sees that.

26 You are faithful to those who are faithful to you, Lord.

You are completely good to those who are good.

27 All good people know how good you are.

But you are against those who are wicked.

28 You save humble people.

But you bring down proud people.

29 You are like a light in my hand.

You turn dark into light.

30 You make me strong to fight my enemies.

With you, my God, I can jump over a wall.

31 All that God does is perfect.

The Lord's words are always good and right.

He is like a shield to all who trust him.

32 The Lord is the only God.

He is the rock that holds us up.

33 It is God who makes me strong.

He makes my path safe.

34 He makes my feet like goat's feet

so that I can stand on high hills.

35 He teaches my hands to fight

so that I can bend an iron bow.

36 You keep me safe in the fight.

Your help has made me great.

37 You have saved me from my enemies

and I have never fallen.

38 I ran after my enemies and I beat them.

I did not turn back until they were all gone.

39 I knocked them down and they could not get up.

They fell under my feet.

40 You made me strong for the fight.

You caused those that I fought to bend down in front of me.

41 You caused my enemies to turn and so they ran away from me.

And I killed all those who were against me.

42 They shouted for help but nobody came to save them.

They shouted to the Lord but he did not answer.

43 I hit them until they were like small stones.

I beat them and I walked over them like the ground.

44 You have saved me when my people were attacking me.

You have made me the ruler of many nations.

People that I did not know obey me.

45 Foreign men come and they bend down to me.

They hear me speak and they obey me immediately.

46 They are not brave now.

They are very afraid as they leave their strong cities.

47 The Lord is alive! Praise him who is my strong rock.

Tell people how great he is. He is the strong God who saves me.

48 He helps me to beat my enemies;

he causes me to rule over the nations.

49 He saves me from my enemies.

You made me stronger than those who were against me.

And you save me from those who would hurt me.

50 So I will praise you, Lord among the nations.

I will sing praises to your name.

51 God wins big and important fights for his king.

He is always kind to the king that he has anointed,

to David and to his descendants for all time.’