2 Samuel 1:17-27

David's song to remember Saul and Jonathan

17 David sang this song to remember the death of Saul and his son Jonathan. 18 He said that the people in Judah should learn this song. Its name is ‘The Bow’. It is written down in the Book of Jashar.

1:18David was a musician. He wrote this poem and he sang it to sad music.

19 ‘The greatest men of Israel now lie on the mountains. They are dead!

Those brave men have fallen to the ground!

20 Do not tell the people in Gath about it.

Do not tell the news in the streets of Ashkelon.

If you do, the daughters of the Philistines will sing with joy.

Yes, those foreign people who do not worship God will be happy.

21 You mountains of Gilboa, I hope that no rain or dew will come on you now.

I pray that no crops will grow in your fields to make grain offerings.

In those fields, the shields of brave soldiers became useless.

No longer will anyone clean Saul's shield with oil.

1:21The Israelites made shields from leather and wood. They rubbed oil into the leather to make it strong. Then the leather did not become hard.

22 When Jonathan shot arrows from his bow,

his enemies fell to the ground, dead.

He would never turn away from them.

Saul's sword also cut down his enemies.

He always finished the job.

23 People loved Saul and Jonathan as great people while they lived.

They were still together when they died.

They moved faster than eagles

They were stronger than lions.

24 You women of Israel, weep for Saul.

He gave you beautiful clothes to wear.

He gave you gold and jewels to fix on your clothes.

25 Brave soldiers have died as they fought a great battle!

Jonathan's dead body lies on Gilboa's hills.

26 My brother, Jonathan! I am very sad about your death.

You were my good friend.

Your love for me was very special.

It was better than the love of women.

27 The brave men have fallen in the battle!

Their weapons are now useless.’