2 Samuel 19:31-40

David and Barzillai

31 Barzillai, the man from Gilead, came from Rogelim to meet the king at the Jordan river. He wanted to help the king to come across the river and to continue his journey. 32 But Barzillai was a very old man, 80 years old. He had taken care of David when David was living in Mahanaim. He had helped David with many gifts, because he was a very rich man. 33 King David said to him, ‘Come with me to live in Jerusalem. I will take care of you while you are with me there.’

34 Barzillai answered the king, ‘I will not live many more years. Why should I go to live in Jerusalem with the king? 35 I am already 80 years old. I can no longer tell what is nice or what is bad. I cannot taste what I eat and drink. I cannot still hear people's voices when they sing. I would only cause trouble to you, my lord the king. 36 I will come across the river and I will travel a short way with you. But I cannot accept your kind gift. 37 Let me return to my own town, sir. Then I will die there. They can bury me near the grave of my father and my mother. Look! Here is my son, Kimham. Let him go with you, my lord the king. Please do for him whatever you think is right.’

38 The king said, ‘Kimham can go with me. I will do for him whatever you think is good. I will also help you in any way that you choose.’

39 So all the people went across the Jordan river with the king. The king kissed Barzillai and he asked God to bless him. Then Barzillai returned to his home.

40 The king went across the river to Gilgal. Kimham went with him. All Judah's army and half of Israel's soldiers helped the king to cross the river.

19:40Gilgal was about 6 kilometres west of the Jordan river and about 26 kilometres north east of Jerusalem.