2 Samuel 16:5-14

Shimei curses David

5 King David and his people arrived near Bahurim town. Gera's son Shimei came out to meet David. He was a relative of Saul. Shimei cursed David in a loud voice as he came towards him. 6 He threw stones at David and at the king's officers. There was a big group of people and brave soldiers all around David. 7 Shimei said, ‘Go away! Get out of here! You are a murderer, a wicked man! 8 The Lord has punished you because of all the people that you killed from Saul's family. You made yourself king, instead of Saul. But now the Lord has given the kingdom to your son, Absalom. All this trouble has come to you because you are a murderer!’

16:5Bahurim was east of the Mount of Olives.

9 Then Zeruiah's son, Abishai, said to the king, ‘This man is only a useless dog! He must not curse you, my lord the king. I should go and cut off his head!’

10 The king said, ‘No! You sons of Zeruiah should not tell me what to do! Perhaps he is cursing me because the Lord has said to him, “Curse David.” Then we cannot say that he is wrong to curse me.’

11 Then David said to Abishai and to all his officers, ‘My own son is trying to kill me. Now this man from Benjamin's tribe wants to do the same thing. The Lord has told him to do this, so do not stop him cursing me. 12 Perhaps the Lord will understand my trouble. He may see how Shimei is cursing me and he may bless me instead.’

13 David and his men continued to walk along the road. Shimei walked along the side of the hill, near the road. As he went, he cursed David and he threw stones and dirt at David and his people. 14 When King David and all the people who were with him reached the Jordan river, they were tired and weak. So they rested there.