2 Kings 23:31-37

Jehoahaz and Jehoiakim

31 Jehoahaz was 23 years old when he became king. He ruled as king in Jerusalem for three months. His mother's name was Hamutal. She was the daughter of Jeremiah, who came from Libnah. 32 Jehoahaz did things that the Lord said were evil. 33 Pharaoh Neco kept him in a prison at Riblah, so that Jehoahaz could not rule in Jerusalem. Riblah is in the Hamath region. Neco made Judah pay tax to him. It was 3,400 kilograms of silver and 34 kilograms of gold.

34 Pharaoh Neco made Josiah's son Eliakim become the new king of Judah. Neco changed Eliakim's name to Jehoiakim. Then he took Jehoahaz away to Egypt. Later, Jehoahaz died in Egypt. 35 King Jehoiakim paid Pharaoh Neco all the silver and gold that he asked for. But King Jehoiakim had to make the people of Judah pay taxes so that he could pay Pharaoh Neco. Each person in Judah had to pay what was right, if they were rich or if they were poor.

36 Jehoiakim was 25 years old when he became king. He ruled for 11 years as king in Jerusalem. His mother's name was Zebidah. She was the daughter of Pedaiah, who came from Rumah. 37 Jehoiakim did thinds that the Lord said were evil, as his ancestors had done.