2 Chronicles 9:1-4

The Queen of Sheba visits Solomon

1 People told the Queen of Sheba about Solomon and about everything that he had done. So she came to Jerusalem to ask him many difficult things. She arrived with many people and animals. Her camels carried things to make food good when people tasted it. They also brought a lot of gold and many valuable stones. She came to Solomon. And she talked with him about everything that she was thinking about. 2 Solomon answered all her questions. Nothing was too difficult for Solomon to explain to her. 3 The Queen of Sheba saw that Solomon knew many things. And she saw the house that he had built. 4 She saw all the food on his table. And she saw how his officers sat. And she saw how his servants stood. And she saw the clothes that they wore. She also saw the men who gave him wine. And she saw their clothes. She saw the sacrifices by fire that he gave in the Lord's house. Then she felt very weak. It was too much for her.

9:1Sheba was a country near Israel. It was on both sides of the Red Sea where it joins the Gulf of Arabia. It was in the countries that today are called Yemen, Djibouti and east Ethiopia.