2 Chronicles 8:12-16

How the priests and the Levites worked in the Temple

12 Solomon had built an altar in front of the door of the temple. Now he gave sacrifices by fire to the Lord on it. 13 He told the priests and the Levites what they must do every day. Moses had told them what they must do every Sabbath, every New Moon and during three special feasts each year. Those three special feasts were the Feast of Flat Bread, the Feast of Weeks and the Feast of Huts. 14 Solomon gave jobs to groups of priests as his father, David, had described. He caused the Levites to be leaders of the praise. And they had to help the priests as they needed it each day. And he told the guards at each gate when each guard should work. He was doing as David, God's servant, had said. 15 All the priests and all the Levites were careful to do what the king had said about everything. And that included how they kept the valuable things safe. They did not change his words.

16 Solomon's servants did all Solomon's work. They started on the day when they put down the floor of the Lord's house. And they worked until they had finished it. So they finished the house of the Lord.