2 Chronicles 8:1-6

Solomon builds more villages

1 After 20 years, Solomon had built the house of the Lord and his own house. 2 After that, he built in the towns that Huram had given to him. And he sent Israelites to live in them. 3 Then Solomon went to Hamath-Zobah. And he won the fight against the people who lived there. 4 He made Tadmor, the town in the desert, stronger. He did the same thing for the towns that he had built in Hamath to store things. 5 He built again Higher Beth-Horon and Lower Beth-Horon. He made those cities strong and he put walls with strong gates round them. 6 And he built Baalath and more towns to store things. And he built other towns for his chariots and for his men who rode horses to live in. He built in Jerusalem, Lebanon or in any place that he ruled. He built anything that he wanted to build in all those places.