2 Chronicles 5

5:0Chapters 5-7 are about preparing the temple.

1 So Solomon finished all his work for the house of the Lord. Then Solomon brought into it all the things that his father David had saved for the temple. He brought the silver and the gold and all the other things. And he stored them in rooms of God's house.

Solomon brings the Covenant Box to the temple

2 Then Solomon brought all the leaders of the Israelites and of their tribes and clans to Jerusalem. He wanted to bring up the Lord's Covenant Box from Zion, which is David's city. 3 All the men in Israel came together to the king. It was the time of the festival of the seventh month.

4 When all the leaders in Israel had arrived, the Levites lifted up the Covenant Box. 5 They took the Covenant Box. And they took the Tent where God met with his people. And they took all the holy things that were in the Tent. And the priests and the Levites carried them up to Jerusalem. 6 King Solomon and all the Israelites came together in front of the Covenant Box. They sacrificed more sheep and cows than anyone could count. There were so many that nobody could know the number.

7 Then the priests brought the Lord's Covenant Box to its place. They put it in the inside room of the temple, that is, the Most Holy Place in the temple. They put it beneath the wings of the cherubs. 8 The cherubs' wings covered the place where the Covenant Box was. So the cherubs covered the Covenant Box and the pieces of wood that the Levites had used to carry it. 9 Those pieces of wood were so long that the Levites could see the ends from the Holy Place. But nobody could see them from outside it. And they are still there now. 10 In the Covenant Box, Moses had put the two pieces of stone at Mount Sinai. The Lord had given a covenant there to the Israelites when they came out of Egypt. Nothing else was in the Box.

The priests sing to praise the Lord

11 Then all the priests came out of the Holy Place. All the different groups of priests who were there had made themselves holy. 12 The Levites who were singing stood to the east of the altar. They were Asaph, Heman, Jeduthun and their sons and their relatives. They wore clothes made of good linen. They made music with cymbals, harps and lyres. With them were 120 priests who made sounds with trumpets. 13 Those priests and the sound of the trumpets was completely right with the sound of the singers. It was like one sound to praise the Lord and to thank him. The singers sang loudly with those who were making music with trumpets, cymbals and other things. To praise the Lord, they were singing,

‘He is good,

because his love will continue for all time.’

Then a cloud filled the house, the Lord's house. 14 So the priests could not continue their work because of the cloud. And the shining glory of the Lord filled God's house.