2 Chronicles 4:19-5:1

Inside the temple

19 And Solomon made all the things that were inside God's house. And he made the altar that he covered with gold. And he made the tables where the priests put the special bread.

20 He made the lampstands and their lamps out of pure gold. The lamps had to burn in front of the Most Holy Place. That was the rule.

21 He made the flowers, the lamps and the tools out of gold that was the best gold.

22 He made the tools to help the lamps to burn well. He made the bowls, the spoons and the pots to contain burning fire. He made all those things out of the best gold. He made the gate of the temple out of gold. And he made the doors to the Most Holy Place inside the temple out of gold. He made the doors of the biggest room in the temple out of gold too.

2 Chronicles 5

5:0Chapters 5-7 are about preparing the temple.

1 So Solomon finished all his work for the house of the Lord. Then Solomon brought into it all the things that his father David had saved for the temple. He brought the silver and the gold and all the other things. And he stored them in rooms of God's house.