2 Chronicles 4:19-5:1

Inside the temple

19 Solomon's workers also made all these things for God's temple:

  • the gold altar;
  • the tables which had the special bread on them;
  • 20 the pure gold lampstands with their lamps (the plans showed how the lamps had to burn at the entrance of the Most Holy Place);
  • 21 the gold images of flowers;
  • the lamps;
  • the small tools that held things for the altar;
  • 22 the small tools of pure gold that they used for the lamps;
  • the bowls for water;
  • the dishes for ashes;
  • the baskets that carried hot coals;
  • the gold pieces that held the doors of the Most Holy Place;
  • the gold pieces that held the doors of the temple's big hall.
  • 2 Chronicles 5

    5:0Chapters 5-7 are about preparing the temple.

    1 Solomon finished all the work for the Lord's temple. Then he brought into it all the holy things that belonged to his father, David. He stored all the valuable things in a safe place in God's temple. They included silver things and gold things.