2 Chronicles 4:12-18

Outside the temple

12 He made the two pillars with their top parts. The top parts were in the shape of bowls. He made the two sets of chains to cover the top parts of the pillars.

13 And he made 400 models of fruits called pomegranates for the two sets of chains. There were two groups of these fruits for each set of chains. They were to cover the two bowls on the top parts of the pillars. One group was below the other group.

14 He made the bowls to wash things in. And he made the things to put the bowls on.

15 He made the very large bowl that was like a sea. And he made the models of 12 bulls under it.

16 He made the pots, spades and forks for meat. Huram, the good worker, made all the things for the house of the Lord. He made them from bronze that he caused to shine. King Solomon had told him that he should do that. 17 The king caused him to make them in the clay at the Jordan valley between Succoth and Zeredah. He made the shapes of these things out of clay. Then he poured the hot metal into the shapes. 18 Solomon made very many things. So nobody knew the weight of the bronze that he used.