2 Chronicles 4:1-11

Solomon makes things for the temple

1 He made a bronze altar. It was about 9 metres (30 feet) long and 9 metres (30 feet) wide and 4.5 metres (15 feet) high. 2 He made a round metal thing like a sea. It was about 4.5 metres (15 feet) across and 2.3 metres (7.5 feet) high. And it was about 13.5 metres (45 feet) round its edge. 3 He made shapes of things like bulls below the edge. He put 5 of these to each 0.5 metres (1.5 feet) and 5 more cows below them. And they were part of the same piece of metal as the metal sea.

4 He put the sea on models of 12 bulls. Three cows looked out towards the north, three towards the west, three towards the south and three towards the east. He put the sea on top of them and their tails were in the centre. 5 The edge of the sea was as wide as a hand. And it was like a cup, the shape of a flower called a lily. It contained about 66,000 litres (17,500 gallons) of water.

6 Then he made 10 bowls to wash in. He put 5 bowls on the right side and 5 bowls on the left side. The priests washed in them all the things that they used for the sacrifices by fire. But the priests washed themselves in the water from the bronze sea.

7 He made 10 lampstands out of gold. And he did it as the rules about them said. He put them in the temple, 5 on the right side and 5 on the left side.

8 He also made 10 tables and he put them in the temple. He put 5 tables on the right side and he put 5 tables on the left side. He also made 100 bowls out of gold.

9 He made the yard for the priests and the big yard outside. He made the doors for the yard and he covered the doors with bronze. 10 He put the sea on the right side in the southeast corner.

11 Huram also made more pots and spades and bowls. So Huram finished the work that he had promised to do for King Solomon for the house of God.