2 Chronicles 3:8-14

The Most Holy Place

8 He built the Most Holy Place. It measured 9 metres (30 feet) long and 9 metres wide. It was as long as the temple was wide. He covered the walls inside with about 20,000 kilos of the best gold. 9 The gold for the nails had a weight of about 0.6 kilos (1.25 pounds). Also, he covered the walls of the rooms above with gold.

10 In the Most Holy Place, he made models of two cherubs and he covered them with gold. 11-13 They stood side by side in the Most Holy Place with their faces towards the biggest room. Each cherub had 2 wings about 2.3 metres long. They held their wings out at their sides. One wing of a cherub touched a wing of the other cherub. The other wing of each cherub touched a wall of the Most Holy Place. Both pairs of wings measured 9 metres together.

14 He made a blue, purple and dark red linen curtain with pictures of cherubs on it.