2 Chronicles 3:15-17

The two bronze pillars

15 He made two pillars at the front of the temple. They were about 16 metres (52 feet) long. Each pillar had a top part about 2.3 metres (7.5 feet) long.

16 He made chains and he put them on the top parts of the pillars. And he made 100 models of fruits called pomegranates. And he put them on the chains. 17 Then he put the pillars up on each side of the temple's entrance. He put one pillar on the right side and he put the other pillar on the left side. The pillar on the right side he called Jakin, and the pillar on the left side he called Boaz.

3:17Jakin probably means ‘He (God) establishes or He sets up.’ And Boaz probably means ‘He (God) gives strength’.