2 Chronicles 3:15-17

The two pillars

15 Solomon's workers made two pillars to stand at the front of the temple. They were 16 metres high. There was a piece on the top of each pillar that was 2.2 metres high.

3:15Or possibly 8 metres high.

16 They made images of chains around the top pieces of the pillars. They also made 100 images of pomegranates among the chains. 17 Then they put the two pillars at the entrance of the temple. One pillar stood on the south side of the entrance. The other pillar stood on the north side. Solomon called the pillar on the south side ‘Jakin’. He called the pillar on the north side ‘Boaz’.

3:17Jakin probably means ‘God makes it strong’. Boaz probably means ‘with strength’.