2 Chronicles 35:16-19

The feasts happen in a proper way

16 So, they prepared everything that day to worship the Lord. They had the Passover feast and they gave the sacrifices by fire on the Lord's altar. They did everything that King Josiah had said. 17 Some Israelite people were also there. They had the Passover festival at that time. And they had the Feast of Flat Bread. That feast continued for seven days. 18 There had not been a Passover like that in Israel since the time when the prophet Samuel was still alive. No king of Israel had a Passover like the Passover that King Josiah had. With him were the priests, the Levites and the people who lived in Jerusalem. All the people from Judah and Israel who were there had the Passover too. 19 They had this Passover in the 18th year that Josiah ruled Judah.