2 Chronicles 35:10-15

The worship begins

10 Everything was ready for the Passover to begin. The priests and the Levites stood in their places, as the king had said. 11 The Levites killed the young sheep for the Passover and they gave the blood to the priests. The priests threw the blood on the altar. At the same time, the Levites were taking the skins from the animals. 12 They put the animals for sacrifices by fire to one side for the people. Then they gave some animals to those who belonged to each clan among the Israelites. They would sacrifice them to the Lord as Moses had written in his book. And they did the same thing with the bulls. 13 They cooked the animals for Passover over fire as is in the rules. And they boiled the holy sacrifices in three kinds of large and small pots. Then they quickly carried the meat to all the people. 14 After that, the Levites prepared the animals for themselves and for the priests. The priests, the descendants of Aaron, were giving the sacrifices by fire and the fat to God. They were doing that until it became dark. So, the Levites prepared the animals for themselves and for the priests, Aaron's descendants.

15 The singers stood where they should stand. They were descendants of Asaph. They were in their places as David, Asaph, Heman and the king's prophet, Jeduthun had said. The men who kept each gate safe did not need to leave their gates. The other Levites prepared everything for them.