2 Chronicles 35:1-4

Josiah has the Passover

1 And Josiah had a Passover feast in Jerusalem for the Lord. They killed the sacrifice for Passover on the 14th day of the first month of the year. 2 He caused the priests to do their special jobs. Then he made them happy to be servants in the Lord's house. 3 He spoke to the Levites who were teaching all the Israelites. These Levites had made themselves holy to work for the Lord. He said, ‘Put the holy Covenant Box in the house that Solomon the son of David the king of Israel built. Do not carry it about on your shoulders. Now you must be the servants of the Lord your God and of his people the Israelites. 4 Make yourselves ready to do the work that King David and King Solomon chose for each group in each clan. David the king of Israel and his son Solomon wrote about the way that you must do it.’