2 Chronicles 34:8-11

Josiah does repairs to the temple

8 When Josiah had been king for nearly 18 years, the country and the temple were clean and holy again. Then he sent men to do repairs to the house of the Lord his God. He chose men to tell them how to do the work. Those men were Azaliah's son Shaphan, Maaseiah the ruler of the city, and Joah, son of Joahaz, who recorded everything.

9 The people had given money to the Levites who kept the doors of the temple safe. The tribes of Manasseh, Ephraim and those who stayed in Israel gave money to those Levites. Also, the people from all Judah and Benjamin and those who lived in Jerusalem gave money to them. They brought this money into the house of God. The three men came to Hilkiah, the most important priest and they gave the money to him. 10 Then they gave this money to the men who were leaders over the work on the Lord's house. Those men gave it to the workers. And they worked to do repairs to the Lord's house and to make it strong. 11 They also gave money to those who worked with wood and with stones. They gave money to the builders to buy stones that were ready to use and wood. The wood was to hold the walls up and for beams. They needed those things because the kings of Judah before Josiah had destroyed the buildings of the temple.