2 Chronicles 34:29-32

Josiah and the people promise to obey the Law

29 Then the king asked all the leaders in Judah and in Jerusalem to come to him. And they came. 30 Then the king went to the Lord's house. And all the men from Judah, the people from Jerusalem and the priests and the Levites went with him. All the people went, from the most important person to the least important person. He read to all the people the words of the Book that Hilkiah had found in the Lord's house. That book contained the covenant that the Lord made with the Israelites. 31 The king stood there in his special place. And he promised the Lord that he would obey the Lord in every way. He promised that he would obey the Lord's words, rules and laws. He promised to obey them with his whole mind. And he promised that he would really want to obey them. He promised to obey all the words of the covenant that was in the book.

32 Then he caused all the people from Benjamin and all the other people in Jerusalem to promise that too. And so the people who lived in Jerusalem agreed to obey the covenant of God, the God of their ancestors.