2 Chronicles 33:18-20

The last days of Manasseh's life

18 The other things that Manasseh did are in ‘The Book about the Kings of Israel’. The prayer that Manasseh said to his God is in it too. And there were prophets who spoke to him in the name of the Lord, Israel's God. Their words are in it too. 19 The words that he prayed are in another book. That book is called ‘What the Prophets Recorded’. What he asked God for is in it too. The prophets also recorded in it all his sins and how he had not been faithful to God. He had built the high places to worship false gods. He had put up Asherahs and other idols in those places before he made himself humble. The prophets recorded all those places in that book. 20 Manasseh died and his servants buried him in his own house. Then his son Amon ruled instead.