2 Chronicles 32:20-31

Hezekiah and Isaiah pray to the Lord

20 King Hezekiah and Amoz's son, Isaiah the prophet, prayed about this. And they shouted towards heaven. 21 Then the Lord God sent an angel. And the angel killed all the strong, brave soldiers in the camp of the king of Assyria. The angel killed the leaders and he killed the officers too. So the king of Assyria was ashamed and he returned to his own country. He went into his own god's house. There some of his own sons attacked him with swords and they killed him.

22 So the Lord saved Hezekiah and Jerusalem's people from Sennacherib, the king of Assyria and from all their other enemies. He kept them safe from the nations everywhere round their country. 23 Many people brought gifts to Jerusalem for the Lord and valuable gifts for Hezekiah, king of Judah. At that time and always after that, the people in all nations thought that Hezekiah was great.

24 Hezekiah became very ill at that time. He nearly died. He prayed to the Lord and the Lord spoke to him. And the Lord showed him that he would get better. 25 But Hezekiah did not thank the Lord for what he had done for him. The king thought that he was too great to do that. So the Lord became angry with him and with the people in Judah and in Jerusalem. 26 But then Hezekiah and the people who lived in Jerusalem made themselves humble. So the Lord did not punish the people while Hezekiah was still alive.

27 Hezekiah was very rich and people gave great honour to him. He had a lot of silver and gold and valuable stones of many colours. He had spices and shields and all kinds of other valuable things. 28 He built places to store grain and new wine and oil. He made buildings for his cows, sheep and goats and all kinds of other animals. 29 He built cities for himself. And he had many sheep and cows because God had given very many things to him.

30 Hezekiah had stopped the water coming from the higher stream that came out of the ground at Gihon. He caused the water to run down inside the west of David's City. And when he tried to do anything, good things happened. 31 But the rulers of Babylon sent some officers to Hezekiah. They came to ask him about the strange thing that had happened in his country. God let Hezekiah decide what to tell them. He wanted to see what Hezekiah would do.