2 Chronicles 32:2-5

Hezekiah makes Jerusalem strong

2 Hezekiah saw that Sennacherib had come. And he saw that he wanted to fight against Jerusalem's people. 3 So he talked with his officers and with his best soldiers. They decided to stop all the water that came from streams round the city. And the officers and the soldiers helped him to do it. 4 Many people came. And they stopped the big stream that went through the land there. They said, ‘We do not want the kings of Assyria to find plenty of water here.’ 5 Then Hezekiah's men worked to do repairs to the city's walls where they needed it. All the men worked as well as they could. Hezekiah built tall buildings on the walls. And he built another wall outside the first wall. He made the wall called the Millo round the City of David stronger, too. And he made a lot of weapons and shields too.