2 Chronicles 31:14-21

How Kore and his helpers gave out the gifts to the Levites and to the priests

14 Imnah the Levite had a son called Kore. And Kore kept the East Gate safe. Kore's other job was to give out what people had given to God. And he had to give out the holy gifts to the priests. 15 He was over Eden, Miniamin, Jeshua, Shemaiah, Amariah and Shecaniah, who lived in the priests' cities. They helped him to give out the gifts to the priests in a fair way. They were fair to the old ones and to the young ones. 16 They gave gifts to all the males with names that were in the lists of Levites. But they must be three years old or older. When they were older, these young men would come into the Lord's house on the right days. They would do the special work for each day that was on those lists. 17 The lists of the priests showed them in their clans. But the list of the Levites only showed those who were 20 years old or older. And it showed the work that each group of Levites had to do. 18 Also, the very young children, wives, sons and daughters received some things from the gifts. That was because they always kept themselves holy for their special work.

19 Some of the priests, Aaron's descendants, lived on the land round the Levites' towns or in other towns. The officers chose men who were fair and honest to take their gifts to them. They gave the proper gifts to every male among the priests. And they gave them to everybody among the Levites who was on the list of Levites.

20 That is what Hezekiah did in all Judah. He did what was good and right. And he obeyed the Lord his God. 21 He tried to obey God in everything that he did for God's house. He tried to obey God's Law and God's rules. In everything that he did for his God he tried to give pleasure to God. So very good things happened to him.