2 Chronicles 2:11-16

Huram replies to Solomon's letter

11 Huram, king of Tyre replied to Solomon with this letter. ‘Because the Lord loves his people, he has chosen you to be their king.’ 12 Huram also said, ‘Praise the Lord God of Israel who made heaven and earth. He has given a wise son to King David. This son is clever and he understands things well. And he will build a house for the Lord and a king's house for himself.

13 I have sent Huram-Abi to you. He is a clever man and he understands things well. 14 His mother came from Dan and his father came from Tyre. He has learnt to work with gold and silver, bronze, iron, stone and wood. He can also work with purple, blue and dark red materials and with linen cloth. He is able to make pictures on metal of any kind that you want. He will work with your good workers and with those of my lord David, your father.

15 So now send to us the wheat, barley, oil and wine that you promised. 16 Then we will cut the wood from Lebanon that you need. We will tie the trees together and we will send them like boats on the sea to Joppa. You can take them from there to Jerusalem.’